Almcom 5.0 - Much More Than Just A Program To Draw The Almen Saturation Curve

Who ever is operating a shot peening machine is likely to draw an Almen saturation curve on a frequent basis. It is obvious that the use of a software has many advantages, but why spend a reasonable amount of money on such a tool, if every EXCEL software offers a curve fitting program which draws the curve just as accurately?

The truth is that such a program is not just about the calculation of the Almen saturation curve and the determination of T and 2T. One needs to have access to a professional tool, which can satisfy both the end user and any quality department or customer of a peening job shop. There is a need for great flexibility to ensure that users around the globe, which have naturally different requirements, can work efficiently with such a program.

Access to Upgrades and Customer Support

Since the new release of Almcom 5.0 in January 2006, over 50 companies have decided to purchase this software tool within only 12 months. The feedback of the customers is constantly collected and as far as possible integrated in the software within weeks. Presently version 5.11 is available as a free download for existing customers at So customer support is one of the key issues for the success of this software. Free versions have been donated to training centres just to make sure that various different inputs can be evaluated.

Free 7 Day Full Feature Version

The range of possibilities of Almcom 5.0 are great. It starts with connecting the software using a USB port to an Almen gage, continues with different security levels within the program and ends with exporting data to other software. However, to get a real impression of this efficient tool, a free 7 day full feature version is offered as a download at:


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