Almcom 5.0 Software to Handle Pre-Bow Compensation of Almen Strips

Set-up for pre-bow compensation and/or the use in conjunction with an Almen gage

Menu to enter the pre-bow compensation and/or arc height

Many peening job shops are nowadays asked to integrate the pre-bow compensation when they do Almen strip testing. The advantages are obvious, since the final result will be more accurate. However, if done in the wrong fashion, the opposite can be true. Therefore an operator is well advised to use a software to avoid calculation mistakes. Almcom 5.0, which is used to generate an Almen saturation curve, also has a function to cope with pre-bow compensation.

The pre-bow compensation method requires the measurement of the Almen strip on the same side before and after peening and takes the difference between the values. Care must be taken to use the sign of the readings correctly. Here  is an example:

-0.0002"  +0.0002"

+0.0048"  +0.0048"

Final result
0.0050"  0.0046"

A mistake which occurs fairly often is that the operator subtracts the pre-bow reading of the Almen strip instead of adding it and vice versa. Almcom 5.0 avoids this problem since one only has to enter the values as displayed on the Almen gage. On request the software can communicate with the gage directly by means of an RS232 or USB interface.
In that case all the operator has to do is push a button on the dial of the gage to transfer the measurement to the program.
The new release of Almcom 5.0, which was designed by Oliver Specker from the University of Applied Science in Zurich in January 2006 is a full success. This is mostly based on the flexibility and user-friendliness of this application. It can store up to 30 Almen saturation curves in one spread sheet, a curve can consist of up to 15 points, mean values of different tests can be calculated, the headers of the data sheet can be edited, customer logos can be integrated, red marking will indicate faulty Almen test points and much more.

Since curves or data often have to be submitted to 3rd parties, the curve is available in JPG and PDF format and for the print out the customer can chose to include process data or not.

Altogether the tool will not only save time and increase the process quality, but it will also allow a better presentation of the process to 3rd parties.


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